New Year Networking Dinner in Delft!

PCCNL invites for New Year Networking Dinner in Delft

Date: Thursday 13th of February around 18:30
Place: Culinary Studio of Kamil Piasecki, Rotterdamseweg 386, Delft.
(the culinary magic, 3 courses dinner and wine are comprised in the price)

New Year Networking Dinner is an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs with Polish & Dutch element in their business DNA.

It is a chance to have a talk with interesting companies, in an unusual culinary setup and at the great moment of the beginning of the Year.

The event will run in a private ambiance, accompanied by 3 courses delicious dinner and wine, in a beautiful setup of Culinary Studio.

ATTENTION! registration under the e-mail:

The deadline for the registration is 31 January, Do not miss it!

zdjecie z worda

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