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Networking-training business meeting in Kompaan Brewery

The meeting is organized jointly with the Czech Chamber of Commerce. With this meeting we would like to solemnly inaugurate the cooperation between our organizations. We will also invite the members of business associations from Hungary and Slovakia to participate in this event – all four are, closely cooperating, countries of the Visegrad Group. The event will be hosted under the auspices of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, which will also invite representatives of the four cooperating embassies. The main purpose of the meeting is to expand the network of contacts, for you as PCC NL members, with companies from the Visegrad Group countries. During the upcoming meeting a particluar focus will be put on strengthening the relationships between companies from the Czech-Dutch Chamber of Commerce and yourself as a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. Last but not least, we would like to give you the opportunity to learn about the experiences and practicalities of crowdfunding as one of increasingly popular methods of raising capital for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016, from 6 pm to 21 pm

Location: Brewery KOMPAAN, Saturnusstraat 55, 2516 AE, The Hague

The location of the event is not incidental. The brewery is located in the industrial, fast developing part of The Hague. You will have an opportunity to see the unique interiors of KOMPAAN, make new business contacts and learn about this innovative method of financing, i.e. the crowdfunding. This will be the first information meeting of the PCC NL, during which we will present to you various methods of business financing.

The brewery KOMPAAN was established and opened based on crowdfunding as an increasingly popular method of start-up and enterprise financing. In these informal, somewhat alternative interiors, the owner of the brewery will reveal how one of the many small breweries in the Netherlands has become “the largest of the small”. Next to that, brewing beer expert will tell us about the types of beers KOMPAAN produces and, during the beer tasting, will disclose the secrets of beer brewing process.

There will be a guided tour in the beer brewing hall, in the course of which the founder of the brewery will answer your questions about pros and cons, advantages and associated risks of this specific method of raising capital.

After the official part, you are welcome to continue networking and have business talks accompanied by tasting local beer and finger food.

That day the brewery KOMPAAN will be solely at our disposal!

For you, as member of the PCC NL, the participation in this event is free of charge.

Why to learn more about crowd funding, also called social financing?

Crowdfunding is not just a way to raise capital, but also – and above all – a way to create a strong bond between the entrepreneur and potential customers, which is considered one of the Key Success Factors of this method of financing. Crowdfunding is a source of capital funded by a large, virtual community which wants to support a creative entrepreneur / innovator. The collected funds can range from a few hundred Euro up to a few millions. There are more than 1.600 websites worldwide which serve as internet platforms allowing initiators of projects to describe them, determine the rewards for supporting the project (reward-based crowdfunding) and their prices, set an overall financial plan and profit targets, collect funds to launch their own business ventures or social and cultural ventures. In 2015, projects for the total of 5.1 billion dollars were funded in the European Union through the mechanism of crowdfunding. Any project, whether charitable, cultural, social or business may get funds via crowdfunding as long as the social community can be persuaded and convinced to support the project. This requires thorough preparation, developing credibility, trust and transparency but above all, commitment. Crowdfunding allows you to test interest in your idea and raise capital for its implementation. Be aware, however, that each supporter of your project will have to be rewarded for its financial participation in the realization of your project.



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